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Husband.  Teacher.  Coach.  Now, Podcast Host and Blogger.

My name is Michael Sandstrom and I am history teacher and coach in northwest Nebraska.  Growing up in rural Nebraska, I knew little of the outside world.  I had a happy childhood, as I ran, played outdoors, and caused only minor mischief (hopefully).  My outlet to the rest of the world, however, has always been history.  I was fortunate enough to have teachers, at all levels, that fostered a love for the past.  Consequently, as I graduated high school, I set upon a path to teaching history.

Post-Secondary Education Background:

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I completed my Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Social Studies Secondary education from Chadron State College in 2013.  A year later, I commenced my graduate degree from Chadron State College, a Masters of Education (MAE) in History.  My selection for the James Madison Fellowship highlighted my graduate experience.  The James Madison Fellowship Foundation is an organization established by Congress in 1986 to promote the teaching of America’s constitutional foundations.  The James Madison Fellowship Summer Institute held at Georgetown University every summer allows Fellows to learn from distinguished faculty and engross themselves in America’s constitutional origins.  The summer of 2016 at Georgetown altered my goals and outlook toward history.  In June 2017, I completed my degree and looked for the next challenge.  I found that challenge in Gilder Lehrman’s Masters degree in American History.  The program allows students to take courses from well-known scholars and enhance their teaching abilities.  My experience in this program pushed me toward establishing my own platform to research and discuss the past.

Teaching Background:

Throughout my educational journey, I taught history at the high school level in Colorado and Nebraska.  I spent three years in northeastern Colorado before returning to northwestern Nebraska.  Throughout my career, I taught mostly American history, but have also taught Civics, World History, and Cultural Relations courses.  In addition, my duties included Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses in American history and government through the local colleges.  This blog and podcast is an outgrowth of my desire to reach as many ears as possible.  I enjoy my classroom and students, but I believe that I can reach more listeners without the confines of space and time.  As you listen, remember that I consider myself a teacher first and foremost.

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