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Welcome to Cutting Edge History.  I developed Cutting Edge History to look into the key questions from the past that pique my interest or the audience’s.  I will read the literature, interview scholars, and present my findings in a convenient and unconventional style.  As you listen, you can imagine me performing a similar function as an Armchair Quarterback, without throwing any beer cans at the TV.  I hope that you will join me, Mike Sandstrom, on this weekly podcast and blog, as I keep you on the Cutting Edge of History.

As a podcaster, I still consider myself a teacher; therefore, Cutting Edge History will undertake critical questions and themes in American and world history.  The objective will be to provide contextual understanding regarding the important people, events, and ideas that shaped our modern world.  In addition, to examine the latest scholarship available and provide my unique (and sometimes unconventional) take on the subject.  Understand that I am undertaking topics that I have not fully developed an answer to.  I am a student in the quest of knowledge and I hope that you will join me.  After my research and thought, I hope that I provide “food for thought” and a launching-off point for your own research.

**Disclaimer: I am not a historian, nor do I pretend to play one on the Internet.  My analysis and interpretations of primary and secondary literature are my own.  I will make every effort to be thorough, however, I am certain that many listeners may disagree with my interpretations.  That is alright and I respect our difference of opinion.

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