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“Ir” relevant history? – Academia Makes Historians Irrelevant

In a recent Chronicle article, Professor Anthony T. Grafton of Princeton University argues that history departments all over the country need to do better by their graduate students. Since the 1970s the rate of PhD production in the field of … Continue reading

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Relevant History – Holly Petreaus Talks About For-Profit Colleges and the Military

Its education week again at NBC so what better time to point out some of the continuing abuses of for profit secondary education. NPR had a story today interviewing Holly Petreaus, wife of the current CIA director and anti-insurgency specialist … Continue reading

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Constitution Day – Why I’m Proud to be an American

Its Constitution Day! Well, yesterday was the observance, but September 17th is the actual date. Today is actually probably more important than July 4 in the pantheon of American holidays because today is America’s holiest day. It is the day … Continue reading

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Plagiarism – Writing Original History

Plagiarism in history class is a major problem. I was just reading an article from the New York Times about how students today are approaching information without regard to its authorship. That is a problem we’ve noticed and are trying … Continue reading

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