Early American History

Adjunct To History Volume One: Early American History ($25) – An entire writing system in one accessible and inexpensive reader. Using a methodology we’re calling “History as Skill,” this reader contains twelve essays on early American history designed to compliment any mainstream history textbook. Also within, a guide to writing three thousand word essays akin to the weekly reading/discussion essays.
Essays are modeled after a proven writing program from Eleanor Roosevelt College at the University of California San Diego campus. Topics are chosen to pique student interest at all college levels, but especially for the entry level survey course when complemented by a comprehensive history textbook. At class completion, students should be able to develop a historical question, create a research plan, evaluate historical sources (primary and secondary), and produce a three thousand word essay answering their initial research question. Your students should be asked to examine at least three scholarly secondary sources, and one primary source to complete the prescribed methodology.
Essay Titles/Topics:
Introduction to Historical Writing.
1. Why did Europeans “discover” the Americas?
2. Which type of colonial government was the most viable?
3. What group was the most oppressed by the colonial system?
5. Why did the colonies declare independence?
6. What was the quality of American generalship in the early republic?
7. Why did early attempts at political unity fail in the United States?
8. How did industrialization impact concepts of “deference” and “independence?”
9. Why did “democratic” politics scare republicans?
10. What was the most important role that slavery played in the early United States?
11. How were Northern and Southern societies most dissimilar?
12. What were the Confederate States of America?
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