Attending the #AHA2012 Digitally, Part II

Well, attending something digitally is pretty hard. The folks using the #AHA2012 twitter hashtag are great though. They’re giving a lot of informative comments. I will say this: It is pretty difficult to follow the comments without being there. The summaries are too short given the limited length of Twitter. That’s alright though. Some really great things are obviously happening in Chicago.

The History News Network is holding it down for those of us who can’t make it. I’ve enjoyed reading their summaries very much. Day Three’s summaries are next on my list. Some of the banter from Day 2′s “Did We Go Wrong? The Past and Prospectus of the History Profession” was fantastic. You can really see the problems that historians of all levels are facing when these types of discussions become so heated.

Take a look, and we’ll be trying to compare the digital experience of this year to the real life experience next year.

Edit - Though it took a couple of weeks, the AHA has posted videos from the 126th anual AHA meeting.

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