Relevant History – Holly Petreaus Talks About For-Profit Colleges and the Military

Its education week again at NBC so what better time to point out some of the continuing abuses of for profit secondary education. NPR had a story today interviewing Holly Petreaus, wife of the current CIA director and anti-insurgency specialist David Petreaus, wherein she talked about how the 90/10 rule impacts these colleges and the military. Under current law, for-profit colleges can “only” get 90% of their funding from government sources. They have, however, found a loophole in military education benefits. Those fall into the 10% category. So, in theory, if enough military members sign up for these schools, all their funding comes from the government. Since these schools have the highest dropout rate of any college, its pretty clear that this is, and has long been, war profiteering.

Check out the story on NPR:

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